Established in 2014, The Social Co. was set up by a team of passionate individuals who felt that young people were important catalysts in creating social impact.

Friends for more than 10 years, Rebekah and Cheryl decided over “teh peng” to work on a community project together for singapore’s 50th birthday. not knowing exactly how that would look like, they rallied a group of close friends to brainstorm on innovative ways to involve youths in giving back to society.

our mission

We believe the world will be a better place if youths gave change a chance.


L TO R: Rebekah Lin, Cheryl Chong, Lu Yawen, Derek Ong, Amanda Poo-Shang & Charmaine Seah.


advisory team

chaired by: ms. Elim Chew

  • ms. Angelic Cheah

  • ms. Fang Eu-Lin

  • ms. Leona Tan

  • mr. Reuben Lai

  • ms. Wong Li Lin

  • ms. Yap Su-Yin