These are the things that keep us busy, passionate and motivated. Working with several groups of people across different job specifications, we have the wonderful privilege of centering our social mission around bettering Singapore as a nation via creative & design thinking. Click through to find out more about our different projects.




Click through to find out more about our movements: 50 For 50 and &courage. 50 For 50 aims to activate youths to creatively raise funds and awareness for lesser-known charities. Watch this space for more information about &courage, an anti-bullying movement we're currently researching on.

Social Enterprise


The Social Co. is very proud to present The Social Pantry, a partnership with Samsui Supplies (Soup Restaurant) and the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN). Click through if you are looking for old school snacks for your clients!



The Social Co. produced its first publication in 2016, documenting the SME space and their success stories (inclusive of CSR activities they've done) in Singapore. We are currently producing our second publication, an anthology of case studies showcasing some of the very best CSR leaders and companies in Singapore.